Horizontal conveying of products is the most usual type of movement. It includes up and down gradients in which the products follow the line solely owing to their own friction against our chain. We use many different types of chain for this, for example, smooth chains, friction chains and finger chains.

All types of our own various chains are presented under each conveyor series.

We can also use product programmes from other chain suppliers (e.g. Intralox) and use these in our line systems (e.g. where a conveyor wider than our S.220 is needed).


Vertical conveying of products is very useful where, for example, production takes place on several floor levels or where rapid elevation is essential for a smooth production flow.

Free floor space is often prioritised in today’s production premises.

Carryline offers various types of vertical conveyor systems. A few examples are given below.

Carryline Spiral Conveyor Is a very compact conveyor to convey items up or down with a small foot print area. For more information of the Carryline Spiral Conveyor. Click HERE

Side-grip conveyors are a variant in which products are gripped from the side and can be run up or down, for example, a 90° slope. One of the advantages of this type of conveyor is that the production flow is maintained without stops or other transitions.

Vertical conveyors can be compared to lifts/elevators in which products are stepped upwards or downwards. One of the advantages of this solution is that it can also be used to buffer products.

Vertical conveyors with a top brush are good, inexpensive solutions where light products have to be moved up or down a steep slope. Pushed (by a brush) against a friction chain, the products follow the required slope.


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